Four Motivators that Drive Asset Living Executive Vice President, Jason Fort

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Sep 20, 2021
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Four Motivators that Drive Asset Living Executive Vice President, Jason Fort

When it comes to having “drive” in the workplace, Asset Living does not play for participation trophies. “It’s important to make every day count,” says Asset Living’s Executive Vice President, Jason Fort. Fort is an example of an Asset Living employee who embodies our corporate value “drive” and what it means to have “drive” in the workplace as well as in his personal life. In the month of September, Jason Fort shares what keeps him from running out of steam.  

“I have four 'why’s' in my life that I focus on as daily motivators,” says Fort. “These four priorities not only keep me driven throughout the workday, but they are key pillars I’ve carried with me throughout my life."


“My faith is especially important to me and keeping that top-of-mind every day always helps me to stay inspired and energize my attitude. Every day is a blessing, and it is important to make it count.”


“I have a rock-solid support system at home which includes my amazing wife and two wonderful daughters that inspire me to push beyond my limits daily. I want to set an example of what hard work and dedication looks like and be a role model for not only my immediate family, but for my extended work family at Asset Living as well.”


“I wake up early each morning with a commitment, to greatness and I don’t negotiate with excuses. I have a burning desire daily to do what challenges me and pushes me. Train your instinct and you will overcome just about anything that stands in your path.”


“With every interaction and encounter throughout my day, I strive to make a difference on that person. Don’t ever underestimate the impact you may have on some else’s life.”

Fort also shared some final words of advice for anyone who’s looking to stay “driven” on a daily basis. “In my 28 years of experience, I always make every day count. I do not take any days for granted. The true grit of a leader is to stay driven during the highs and lows of life. Find what keeps you driven and make sure your daily activities are in alignment with those core values.”

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