How Asset Living Helped Junior Accountant Carli Thompson Discover Her Career Path

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Aug 17, 2022
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How Asset Living Helped Junior Accountant Carli Thompson Discover Her Career Path

Did you know that more than 80% of students in college end up changing their major at least once? According to the National Center for Education Statistics, college students change their major at least three times on average over the course of their college career. For others, it's a first job experience that will help to determine if a career path or industry is the right one to pursue. This was the case for Asset Ambassador and Junior Accountant Carli Thompson, whose professional experience at Asset Living led her back to the classroom to pursue a degree in accounting.  

“I had dropped out of college after losing a scholarship because I wasn’t performing well in a field, I thought I liked, so I picked up a full-time job at a campus property because I needed the money,” said Thompson. “My supervisors [at Asset Living] saw my strengths and promoted me in bookkeeping and property financials. This ultimately inspired me to go back to school for something I was not only good at but also loved.”  

When it comes to figuring out your path, changing your path, or even your industry, can be challenging. But Carli Thompson got right to work and shares her experiences.

“The clichés are true! You will never become better if you stay in your comfort zone. Your dreams are on the other side of your fear. It’s all true. After dropping out of the University of Houston and losing a scholarship, I was very fearful of what I would become and where my future was headed,” said Thompson.  

“Take that job in a field you’ve never worked in and reach out to people you’ve never spoken to before. Broaden your horizons and try everything because you will find that one thing. Nobody ever became a CFO by only waiting tables,” she adds.  

“Asset Living put me back on track for a degree and a career. I would have never considered accounting as a career option before Asset, but thanks to my on-site team and Asset Living’s culture of growth and opportunity, I’m more prepared than ever for my future!”

“Accounting is transferable and universal. You speak a business language that many can understand. At Asset Living, I communicate with all sorts of departments every day and feel like I know everyone. It really emphasizes our core value of ‘family’. I love what I do, who I work for and for that, I’m truly grateful.”

When asked about her master's degree she said her focus for summer 2023 will be preparing for the CPA exams. A total of 150 credit hours are required – some specifically for accounting and taxation. Carli will know more after the fall semester if she plans to pursue a master’s degree, but it is an opportunity that’s on the table for her to explore.  

For more background on Asset Living, visit our about page or learn more about available career opportunities by visiting Asset Living’s careers page.

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