Reflections on the 2023 Covenant House Sleep Out Experience from Senior Financial Analyst, Rob Hankins

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May 21, 2024
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Reflections on the 2023 Covenant House Sleep Out Experience from Senior Financial Analyst, Rob Hankins

At Asset Living, we firmly believe in the power of making a positive impact in our communities. Our core value of impact isn't just a buzzword; it's a driving force behind our actions. In 2023, we had the privilege of participating in Covenant House’s annual Sleep Out at the Houston headquarters, an experience that left a lasting impression on our team.  

Sleep Out is a night dedicated to sleeping outdoors with just a sleeping bag, showing solidarity and support to the thousands of young individuals who come to Covenant House Texas each year seeking refuge. Beyond raising funds through Sleep Out, Covenant House provides support through nourishing foods, clean clothing, and essential services like job training, education, healthcare, mental health counseling, and legal assistance.  

We consulted with Rob Hankins, FP&A Senior Financial Analyst, who shared his reflections and personal experience after participating in Asset Livings’ most recent Sleep Out event.

What does this partnership with Covenant House mean to you?

“This partnership holds immense significance for me personally. Having participated in both the Guts + Glory Obstacle Challenge and the Sleep Out event at our Houston headquarters, where our entire office slept out, I've witnessed firsthand Covenant House's commitment to making an impact around youth homelessness. Their innovative events not only raise awareness but also provide tangible support to homeless individuals and families. Our ongoing partnership with Covenant House reflects our shared dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by homelessness.”

How would you describe your 2023 Sleep Out experience?

"It was truly an eye-opening experience for me. Liz Murray, the speaker at the Asset Living Houston Office Covenant House Sleep Out event, highlighted how homelessness can stem from unforeseen circumstances and reinforced the idea that with the right support, it can be overcome.

During the Sleep Out event, I felt the challenge of finding comfort in uncomfortable conditions despite having comfort and aids that aren't accessible to the homeless youth. It made me empathize with those who experience this for a prolonged period in drastic conditions.

Participating alongside my colleagues from Asset helped me understand the importance of community, even in challenging situations. While finding the same comfort I would have at home was a challenge, it helped to know we were all united in our dedication to this important cause and going through this experience together.”

What was your main takeaway from Sleep Out 2023?

“Homelessness is a widespread issue that affects millions of people and can be caused by a multitude of factors. Because it is such a significant issue, I used to think my efforts to help were almost meaningless. Sleep Out showed me that individual efforts can make a difference, especially when guided by groups like Covenant House, who provide crucial support. Even if our actions only help a few individuals find their way out of homelessness, it's a step forward in the right direction.”

How did this change your perspective?

"I've gained a deeper understanding of how easily circumstances can lead to homelessness, but with the proper support, it is possible to help those facing homelessness overcome these obstacles and help them achieve great things.”

What would you say to someone thinking about participating in 2023?

“The best way to understand someone is to walk in their shoes. This experience gives you the chance to do that, gaining a deeper understanding of homelessness and the challenges the youth homeless population faces daily. It is also great for developing a sense of community with your team as you all work together through this experience.”  

Together, we can make a meaningful difference and put our core value of impact into action. Asset Living plans to participate in the 13th annual Covenant House Sleep Out this November. To learn more about the event or Covenant House, visit their website at Read more about Asset Living’s partnership with Covenant House on our blog and to learn about the impact Asset Living is having on local communities across the nation, visit our impact page.  

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