Rent. (formerly, RentPath) Industry Round Table with Asset Living Executive Vice President LuAnne Acton Ross

Asset Living
Aug 9, 2022
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Rent. (formerly, RentPath) Industry Round Table with Asset Living Executive Vice President LuAnne Acton Ross

Last spring, Asset Living Executive Vice President LuAnne Acton Ross spoke on an industry round table at RentPath’s company-wide meeting alongside Sherry Freitas, Senior Managing Director of Operations from RangeWater Real Estate, and host Arlene Mayfield, Senior Vice President of RentPath’s national accounts. The roundtable focused on emerging industry trends, the outlook on industry risks, as well as where the future of finding and filling vacancies is headed.  

When asked about emerging trends, Ross mentioned how smart home technology continues to be an essential part of the industry. In most markets and at most properties, smart home technology is no longer optional but expected. Ross also talked about how, following the pandemic, several ways to engage prospective renters emerged including new resident and manager apps, virtual tour options, and other innovations to help increase efficiencies and alleviate demand for onsite staff.

As for the future of filling vacancies and retaining occupancy, Ross emphasized the importance of a brand identity. “Because everyone is chasing for the same leads, being unique, standing out and [having excellent] customer service – that's huge,” said Ross. “That's going to get [residents] to come and that’s what’s going to get them to stay.”  

After the companywide event, Asset Living celebrated 36 years of industry-leading service and staying true to its corporate values. Also, at the National Apartment Association (NAA) conference in June, RentPath (which works with Asset Living) announced its official rebranding to Rent. For years, RentPath operated multi-family staple brands, like ApartmentGuide, but they are now adopting a more robust marketing approach with agency-like services and offerings. After Redfin acquired RentPath (now Rent), they helped to bolster the company's technology platform to pass along new capabilities to their partners. While the company will still offer the same connection and networking services between potential renters and properties as before, the rebranding will be a pathway to new opportunities for the brand.

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