#TogetherWeLead with Asset Living’s CPO Alex Moore

Asset Living
Mar 28, 2024
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 #TogetherWeLead with Asset Living’s CPO Alex Moore

At Asset Living, we empower each other to lead by example, collaborate, and evolve – inspired by our belief that we can always be improving, as individuals and as an organization. In this new series, we dig into what it means to work at Asset Living where every voice is heard, every idea is valued, and every individual experiences opportunities to grow as our company grows.  

Today we hear from Asset Living’s Chief People Office (CPO) Alex Moore who shares what it means to be a part of an integral dynamic team that thrives on unity, leverages unique talents, and embraces a universal culture of winning.  

When we say #TogetherWeLead, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  

"I believe #TogetherWeLead acknowledges the power of team. More specifically, it speaks to the elevated results that come from individuals on a team demonstrating leadership from their scope of responsibility. Whether they are the designated team lead or an individual contributor exhibiting emergent leadership to ensure the success of the group effort, our employees are committed to each leading through their unique skills and capabilities. This concerted approach to leadership is truly foundational to our culture; it is something we will continue to celebrate and cultivate as a key differentiator for Asset in our we serve our clients and communities."

What are you most passionate about at work and how have you been able to feed into that passion while working at Asset Living?

"I am driven by helping others, and that directly feeds into the way that I work here at Asset Living. I operate with a service orientation and take a people-first approach as I develop new initiatives and strengthen existing people practices. My goal is to provide the best possible experience to all employees at Asset Living through our talent programs. Through my work, I focus on ensuring the environment we’re establishing – where voices are heard, ideas are valued, and all individuals can grow – flourishes as Asset scales. In this effort, my hope is that I’m helping each employee at Asset maximize their potential for impact and career goal attainment with our company."

Reflecting on your career with Asset Living, what are some ways you have pushed yourself to grow or improve?  

"I was new to the industry when I joined Asset Living, and so I have pushed myself to quickly gain knowledge to be effective in my position. I know that with each month that passes, my ability to connect our talent programs to our company’s strategic needs continues to improve. I wouldn’t be where I am today in my role without the incredible support system around me at Asset Living – my team, my peers, and truly anyone I have interacted with since I started in April 2023. I have been intentional about meeting with people across the company to learn about their experiences and desires for what my team is driving at Asset. I am so grateful for everyone’s willingness to invest time and energy in sharing their perspectives with me, as it has been immensely valuable for me to ensure my team’s initiatives make the impact we’re hopeful they will make on the success of our employees and our company."

What is one of the most inspiring examples you’ve seen of successful leadership?

"I believe successful leadership is measured by the success of the team and its members. Stacey Lecocke has done an amazing job building a culture of internal mobility in our student housing division. The number of managers and up positions in our student housing division we fill with existing employees who are ready for their next opportunity is inspiring and an approach to people growth and engagement that I hope to help foster across all of Asset Living."

How does Asset Living’s culture inspire you to push yourself?  

"We are collectively driven to win, but even when we are successful in our pursuit of winning… we do not settle and are fueled by our belief that we can always be improving. I am confident the desire to learn from each experience and iterate often will keep leadership pushing for innovation and evolution to better serve our clients, communities, and people. Knowing we’re wired with growth mindsets makes me both excited for our future and optimistic that the sky is the limit for Asset Living."

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