#TogetherWeLead with Asset Living’s Division President Carol Nelson

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Jun 19, 2024
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#TogetherWeLead with Asset Living’s Division President Carol Nelson

At Asset Living, we empower each other to lead by example, collaborate, and evolve – inspired by our belief that we can always be improving, as individuals and as an organization. In this series, we dig into what it means to work at Asset Living where every voice is heard, every idea is valued, and every individual experiences opportunities to grow as our company grows.  

Today we hear from Asset Living’s Division President of the Western region Carol Nelson who shares what it means to be a part of an integral dynamic team that thrives on unity, leverages unique talents, and embraces a universal culture of winning.  

When we say #TogetherWeLead, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

“This speaks to a collaborative approach to leadership, where individuals work together as a team to influence others toward a common goal or vision.  It emphasizes shared responsibility and allows for individuals to feel empowered and encouraged to step forward confidently with leadership ideas.  It represents collective decision-making rather than hierarchal structure where only one person holds all the power.  I believe it speaks to being leaders in our field by making bold decisions and taking calculated risks to be at the forefront of our industry.”

What are you most passionate about at work and how have you been able to feed into that passion while working at Asset Living?

“I’m passionate about fostering a culture of excellence and empowering teams to achieve individual and team goals that align with our client’s goals for the communities we manage.  I enjoy working with a team to create an environment where all members can learn, grow, and achieve.  I strive to ensure team members have the tools, confidence, and empowerment they need to perform and achieve goals.  I believe the best work environment is one where everyone is working together to achieve high results and celebrates together when goals are met.”

Reflecting on your career with Asset Living, what are some ways you have pushed yourself to grow or improve?

“Joining a new team at Asset Living pushed me out of my comfort zone after being with one organization for a very long time.  I have worked to embrace the challenges of being new to an organization, understand the goals of the organization and get to know the team members quickly.  I have proactively sought feedback from peers and team members to identify areas for improvement and worked to refine my leadership approach for the team.  Accessibility and willingness of all people to cooperate, share thoughts and concerns has been so helpful in acclimating and beginning to understand how I can best contribute.  I know that through strong communication and aligned goals we can move the organization through planned initiatives and continue to build on what is already a great culture.  I am motivated to be a strong leader and contributor to our company goals.”

What is one of the most inspiring examples you’ve seen of successful leadership?

“The most inspiring leader I have encountered, led a large, growing organization with a great culture through fostering transparency, accountability, and employee empowerment.  Through open communication, setting clear goals, and investing in professional development, this leader was able to create a great culture where everyone felt valued and motivated to contribute their best.”

How does Asset Living’s culture inspire you to push yourself?

“I am fortunate to work with a talented, intelligent, collaborative team.  I feel driven to be a valued contributor to a strong team and am motivated to work hard.  Together, we are committed to excellence and creating a culture across the entire organization that is focused on excellence.”

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