Asset Living’s Samantha Harvey Joins the First Coast Apartment Association Board of Directors

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Jul 26, 2022
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Asset Living’s Samantha Harvey Joins the First Coast Apartment Association Board of Directors

JACKSONVILLE, FL (July 26, 2022) -- Asset Living Property Manager, Samantha Harvey, was inducted into the Board of Directors for the First Coast Apartment Association (“FCAA”). Today, FCAA is the fourth largest apartment association in Florida and continues to grow. The FCAA is governed by a Board of Directors responsible for creating policy, planning for the future, and ensuring the financial soundness of the association.

In this new role, Harvey is most looking forward to being the representative of new and diverse perspectives in addition to strategic planning and oversight of FCAA initiatives. “I will continue to remain well-informed and fully engaged with all key issues that involve the association,” says Harvey. “As an official board member, I am eager to be an additional watchful eye, and leader for any and all FCAA related opportunities.”

At Asset Living, Harvey is in charge of overseeing a multi-family community as the property manager. The insight, knowledge, and experience gained from working on-site are invaluable for any leadership role within an apartment association. One of Harvey’s passions includes her volunteer efforts both inside and outside of the FCAA. “One thing I would love to work on is volunteer participation from community sites. I plan to reach out and work hard to recruit more passionate volunteers across the industry,” says Harvey. “I am excited to continue the work to advocate for volunteer efforts from on-site teams and beyond.”

When asked about her work ethic and personal drive, Harvey's colleagues and leadership team had nothing but positive comments. Asset Living Regional Vice Present, Lee Rogers said, “Samantha is eager to serve, she is the first one to assist or raise her hand to volunteer. She has always strived to meet every goal and goes above and beyond. She recently graduated from The National Apartment Association's (“NAA”) DEI Leadership Program. Samantha’s joy and excitement are is contagious, and her warm and friendly demeanor makes everyone feel welcomed. She is a wonderful property manager, and I am thrilled to continue to watch her grow.”

Harvey plans to maintain the mindset of being bold and ambitious (learned during her time at Asset Living) to help FCAA grow this year. “I believe Asset Living’s vision, continuing to be the most trusted partner in real estate, speaks to the development of employees. We are the most trusted partner because of the leadership and development that starts on-site. We continue to be bold and raise the standards,” says Harvey. She continues, “An organization benefits most from board members who genuinely believe in its mission and are enthusiastic about helping the organization grow – and as a board member [of FCAA], I am ready to go the extra mile to help bring the association to the next level.”

For more details about FCAA, visit their website at For any questions regarding our properties or services, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact form. To learn more about available career opportunities by visiting Asset Living’s careers page.

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About the First Coast Apartment Association

In 1979, a group of apartment owners and managers joined together to form an association dedicated solely to the needs of the multifamily industry on the First Coast. Our association has grown to over 90,000 units of Community Members and over 175+ Associate Members in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Membership with FCAA includes membership with FAA (Florida Apartment Association) and NAA (National Apartment Association.) Our Mission is to promote, inform, and serve the apartment industry through education, legislation, and professional networking. For more information about FCAA, please visit

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