Career Insights from Asset Living General Counsel Joey Hance

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Aug 19, 2022
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Career Insights from Asset Living General Counsel Joey Hance

Asset Living General Counsel Joey Hance has worked at Asset Living for over 6 years and has been practicing law for nearly 10 years. Last year, Hance won the prestigious Asset Living President’s Award for not only his great work but for also consistently upholding our core company values. In this blog, Hance shares his past career experiences, industry involvement, lessons learned along the way, and how the Asset Living values truly reflect his own personal mottos and beliefs.  

Tell us what have the highlights been in your career with Asset Living?

“The growth of the company has been a lot of fun (and a lot of work). I remember year one when I first started here over six years ago and learned a lot in a very short time frame.  I was alone in my core functions and wearing a lot of hats (and still do). But the company’s growth has necessitated we get additional support for all my original tasks, and I’ve really enjoyed selecting and leading a team of people who now specialize in the various responsibilities I had on my own when I first started.”

I’m sure you have a favorite project you’ve worked on – tell us about some of your greatest work memories or what has been the most rewarding part of your career overall?

“Seeing long-term plans and expectations coming to fruition. We try to keep the long-term visions and goals of the company in mind in all that we do. Playing the long game with my department's core functions – litigation, the insurance platform, leasing, agreements, etc. – and seeing the positive results and progress of those visions has been very rewarding. Of course, we are not perfect. However, many of the goals and expectations we have set on a long-term basis have been reached – just in time for us to set new ones.”

What has been the best career advice or lessons you’ve learned throughout your career?

“Communication skills, being organized, and emotional intelligence are extremely important. It doesn’t really matter how talented you are if you can’t communicate effectively, aren’t organized, and if you can’t keep it together when challenges arise. These are all skills that can be practiced and improved, and all apply to a person’s professional development no matter the field.”

Lastly, which of our four-core values at Asset Living – drive, honesty, impact and family – resonates most with you personally and/or professionally?

“Honesty. Being honest, even when it is difficult is paramount. It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to regain credibility once it is lost. And we can’t find solutions to problems unless we are first honest about what the problem is and its source.”

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