Career Insights from Asset Living Principal Tom Shelton

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May 23, 2022
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Career Insights from Asset Living Principal Tom Shelton

Asset Living Principal Tom Shelton is celebrating over 40 years in the industry and throughout his career, he has served as the Chairman of the Board of both the Arizona Multihousing Association and the National Apartment Association, as well as a board member of the California Apartment Association. He is an active member of the National Multi-Family Housing Council and the Institute of Real Estate Management, from which he holds a CPM designation. While there have been many moments and lessons learned throughout his more than 40 years in the industry, Tom has shared a list of the top three that not only helped him to achieve the most success but also left the greatest impact on his career.

Don’t ignore the alignment of your personal goals with those of your employer.

“If I’ve learned anything over the course of a 43-year career in property management, it was the importance of aligning my goals and objectives – not only professionally, but also personally – with the goals and objectives of the firm I was with,” says Shelton.  “I was always mindful that a mission statement or a statement of values shouldn’t be just words on a poster or a highlighted portion of an employee handbook.  Companies and leaders of those companies that demonstrate a focus on their values have a much higher probability of success – and I believe success breeds success.  Asset Living’s focus on family, drive, honesty, and impact isn’t merely words, but a philosophy and a way of conducting business that permeates an entire organization.”

Be the creator of a corporate culture that will attract the “good.”

“Perhaps the greatest reward I have experienced has resulted from my good fortune to have been in executive positions where I have been able to help create the kind of culture that attracts people of a like-minded nature,” Shelton says. “It is often repeated that certain skills can be learned, and knowledge gained from experiences, but one cannot really teach honesty, integrity, commitment, or the willingness to help others. In my current role, it’s an honor to add to the growth of this well-respected and thriving culture at Asset Living. Asset’s ongoing commitment to ‘always doing the right thing’ – regardless of the consequences, provides an immovable foundation that will guide the company to continued success for years to come.”

Good things come to those who work hard.

“Asset’s recent elevation to the 4spot on NMHC’s Top 50 Multifamily Managers list is a remarkable and noteworthy achievement.  Our growth has been both organic and via the acquisition of other property management operators from across the country.  The organic growth of any organization is driven by performance and success.  Those existing clients that have entrusted us with the keys to billions of dollars of real estate remain clients for a reason.  Similarly, most of the owners of the management companies that have decided to join the Asset Living family spent most of their careers building a platform that created career opportunities for their employees as well as providing a world-class level of service to the residents that they housed.  Despite there being countless other options, those operators and owners also chose to associate with Asset Living for a reason.”

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