Insights from LeaseCon/TurnCon 2022

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Dec 16, 2022
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Insights from LeaseCon/TurnCon 2022

InterFace Conference Group (a division of France Media) held its fourth annual event for the student housing industry, LeaseCon/TurnCon 2022, on December 7 in Charlotte, North Carolina. A group of Asset Living industry experts attended the conference to network and gather insights that will help student housing operators navigate the challenges of the leasing and turn process in 2023.  

These leaders within Asset Living’s student housing division represented the team onsite and each shared discussion topics, insights, and key takeaways from their experience below.  

Alex Abernathy, Executive Vice President at Poetic

“LeaseCon/TurnCon brought a host of thought leaders together, and I was honored to share that stage.  In a constantly changing digital world, I was happy to speak on how we can better incorporate strategy into our promotion and messaging, what's working, and what I believe is next on the horizon.”

Debra Baldacci, Vice President of Leasing & Training

“LeaseCon/TurnCon was not only a great opportunity to connect with other industry professionals, but it also allowed me to participate in key discussions on trends within the student housing space. With representation from multiple Asset Living departments, we were able to contribute significant insights based on our many years of experience.”

Jason Fort, EVP of Business Development

“The 2022-2023 academic year has been a record-setting year in terms of occupancy and rental rates. One common trend we’ve seen across our portfolios has been the demand for people over products. The higher the rates climb, the better the people need to be. Communication is vital and training our teams to focus on the customer and resident experience is extremely important moving into 2023. Lastly, marketing the product and value proposition can help to turn an apartment into a home for our residents.”

Jessica Mancuso, Director of New Development Marketing- Student Housing

"LeaseCon/TurnCon was a great time for Team Asset to represent our firm and talent in Charlotte, North Carolina. The panels and subject matter were insightful and helped us to better understand other perspectives and the current marketplace/structure of our industry. Interface Conference Group did a wonderful job planning the event."

For more information on the Lease Con/ Turn Con Conference, visit their website to read about the event. Visit Asset Living’s service page for more information or contact us to reach the Asset Living team directly.  

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