Key Insights from J Turner Summit – No Blind Bets 2021

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Dec 30, 2021
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Key Insights from J Turner Summit – No Blind Bets 2021

J Turner held its annual Summit for the student and multi-family housing industry December 12th-14th in Scottsdale, AZ. It started off with an action-packed all-day session featuring speakers such as Bonin Bough (marketing expert, investor, and author), Tom Geyer (Founder and President of SoulSeed LLC), Richard Turner (world’s most skilled card magician), and keynote speaker Marcus Buckingham (New York Times bestselling author) to name a few.  

The promise: No fluff and no vendors. It was a content-rich experience that delivered actionable insights to “reboot” how property management leaders think about their residents, associates, and business.  

In attendance was Saad Arij, VP of New Lease-Ups, who leads Asset Living’s lease-up division and client relations across the U.S. Saad shared a few of his key takeaways and even proposed a few questions to consider.

Trust is the centerpiece of customer choice, value, loyalty, and advocacy. However, we often spend more time selling functionality vs. emotion. The best brands in the world have perfected their emotional appeal to consumers. How are you incorporating that same philosophy into your customer service with existing and potential residents?
Based on research data on why someone chooses to lease at a property 55% of the people surveyed said staff, 31% said online reputation, and 14% said because of the other residents they knew. Renter’s decisions are 86% based on trust. How are you working to invest in those avenues?
We are always told do not fix it if it ain’t broken. What if that is precisely what needs to be done for us to build a better tomorrow? Bonin Bough talked about Hackonomy. This phenomenon has taken this digital age by storm and brought us many new revolutionary ideas at the touch of our fingertips. How often do you find yourself in a rut when it comes to marketing and leasing ideas? The answer could be there if you try a new way of thinking!
Lastly, the author of Nine Lies about Work (It is a terrific book; I highly recommend it!) Marcus Buckingham shared a quote, “Not what you know but what you know for sure that ain’t so that gets you in trouble.” Reflecting on just that alone should make every leader wonder what you could be doing wrong that you may not even realize? Without providing spoilers on the book, I will leave you with one additional quote from his talk on how he defined a true team and team leader, “I am because you are.” With that I ask, how often do you evaluate your team? Not with the lenses of pointing out areas of improvement, but areas of strength that allow the teams and the organization to succeed?

For more information on the J Turner Summit, visit their website to read about the event. For more information about Asset Living’s services, visit our service suite or contact us to reach the Asset Living team directly.  

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